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Imperial Jasper Stone Adjustable Bracelet

Imperial Jasper Stone Adjustable Bracelet

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Embrace nature's artistry with our Imperial Jasper Heart Bracelet, a symbol of nurturing protection. Each unique stone promotes grounding and tranquility, crafted for balance and bold self-expression."



The Imperial Jasper stone is the stone of courage, health and strength. This stone gives you a surge of life force energies, improving your stamina and stamina. Its energy is similar to adrenaline, waking you up and energizing your body to increase your energy levels. This stone encourages a positive and joyful attitude, giving you the motivation to pursue your dreams.

All of our items are made with precious and semi-precious stones, which are all natural stones, so they may vary in color, shape and size.

Product Details:
- Unisex chakra bracelet
- Genuine Imperial Jasper Stones
- Adjustable woven drawstrings to fit your wrist
- High quality material, well made bracelet
- Handmade with love
- Natural Stones: Imperial Jasper Stones
- Clasp: Pull-String, adjustable (up to 9.5in / 24cm)
- Metal: Gold plated alloy

Maintaining the balance of your energies, chakras, and life.
Keeping you calm and grounded.
Regulating the flow of blood.
Relieving you of stress and anxiety issues.
Healing pain.
Boosts your creativity.

This item is handmade with love. Please allow 1-3 days for your item to ships out.

Production: 1-3 business days
US Standard Shipping: 3-8 business days (after production time)
Other Countries Shipping: 7-25 business days
Item will ship from either our location in Georgia or our warehouse in China based on availability.

These are handmade with love which means it is important to maintain its beauty and prolong its lifespan.

Caring for your natural stone beaded Jewelry:
1. Avoid all water sources. Do not wear jewelry while heavily sweating, swimming, showering, doing laundry or sleeping.
2. Avoid scratches.
3. Avoid contact with chemicals.
4. Gently wipe with a dry cotton cloth.


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