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Boomerang Ball

Boomerang Ball

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Are you ready to have some fun with the kids because all of the the kids love this one.....shhh the adults too lol.

- Battery Life: 10 minutes
- Charging Time:30 minutes
- Magic Wand Battery:1*AAA battery(not include)
- Product Size: 9.5*9.5*9.5cm / 3.5*3.5*3.5in

*Max. Flights Height: 49ft (Controlled by the Magic Wand)

Launch your toy, then call it right back to home base - that's your hand with The Boomerang. Toss the spinning toy in the air, and watch as it circles right back to you. Catch it in one hand and ready to launch your next trick.
With three dazzling and colorful lights, when you launch the flying ball toy into the air, it looks like a neon meteor. Just throw it upward at an angle and watch as it boomerangs back.

Find a partner or a whole group, then go freestyle as you hover, glide, and pass the toy ball back and forth. Make things even more interesting by spicing up your catches and passes with different moves or even obstacle courses.
It is easy to start with the ball toy. Use the tip of the remote control to press the power button and hold the toy up, press the button on the remote and watch the ball light up and start to hover! 


Q1: How to turn it on/turn off?

A1: Keep the charging port up, then press the power switch and swing FlyNova Pro with your wrist, and the wind blade will start to rotate. Swing FlyNova Pro again, the wind blade will stop rotating. Press the power button again, the FlyNova Pro will stop working.

Q2: Why it impossible to throw for return?

A2: Please keep the charging port up and thrown out at an angle of 30°, and the ball will fly back by itself. Please practice a few times to be proficient in the operation

Q3: Why it turns off as soon as it falls?

A3: This is normal, the ball will stop spinning when it falls on the ground. Throw it out at an angle of about 30°and it will boomerang back by itself.

Package Content :
1 Flying Boomerang Ball (No Magic Wand Included)


1 Flying Boomerang Ball With Magic Wand

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The Magic Wand version takes 3 - 12 days. 

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