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Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set with Blue Resin Wood Handles | Midnight Collection - 9pc

Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set with Blue Resin Wood Handles | Midnight Collection - 9pc

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Japanese VG10 Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set Details

When it comes to durable forged steel, it gets no better than this Damascus steel kitchen knife set. They are engineered to last a lifetime. This Damascus steel Chef Knife Set is the perfect gift for cooking enthusiast everywhere.

Product Highlights:

【Professional Kitchen Chef Knife】- These multifunctional cooking knives can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks of cutting, slicing, chopping, mincing and dicing of fruits, vegetables and various meats. A professional and all-rounder home cooking knife set for you.

【Easy to Use】- They are waterproof and non-slip. It is perfectly shaped to allow easy and safe cutting and minimize fatigue, numbness or pain after prolonged use.

【Super Sharp Edge】- Authentic 67 layer Japanese Damascus super steel with a finely polished surface. Corrosion resistant and tough. The curved edges are sharp and extremely durable.
- With a HRC rating of 62, the performance and hardness of these knives are unmatched with vacuum heat treatment hardness and long-lasting clarity.

【Unique Handle Design】- Unique shank shape design. The materials of the handle are mainly: imported resin, strictly selected color wood, It is decorated with double copper rings that will not rust.

【Perfect Gifts】- You can give it to your friends, parents, colleagues or partner. These luxury durable knives have a beautiful design and giving these as a gift would be a blessing and will be remembered and moved forever.

9 Piece Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives Collection includes:

3.5 inch Fruit Knife
6 inch Utility Knife
6 inch Boning/Filet Knife
7 Inch Nakiri Knife
7 inch Santoku Knife
7.5 inch Bread Knife
7.5 inch Cleaver Knife
8 inch Chef Knife
9.5 inch Chef Knife / Beef Knife

Please note: This product is not suitable for chopping bones.

Caring for your Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set

Caring for a Damascus steel blade is much the same as for a Carbon steel blade - moisture is the enemy. Once the blade has built up a patina it is much more forgiving, but a fresh Carbon steel based blade will begin to rust in a heartbeat.

Never, ever:
Leave the blade resting in standing water
Rest the blade on a damp tea towel, wash cloth, etc
Store in direct contact with leather
Wash in a dishwasher

To help your Damascus steel knife become a heirloom, there are only a few things you need to do.

After use:
When you do use your damascus steel knife, remember to wash and dry it immediately, taking care to not rub the blade roughly. Using a microfiber or cotton cloth to dry it, the softer material will not wear the blade.

Lightly oil using food safe oil

Store in a dry place

While your blade is still developing a patina, it is a good idea to quickly wipe the blade down before moving on to a food preparation task not involving the knife.

A common mistake when oiling a blade is to use something like olive oil that will go rancid. We recommend mineral oil, as it is food safe, cheap, and readily available or a specialty wax like Renaissance Wax (an archival-grade museum wax), because it will keep your knife rust-free and maintain its etched beauty.

Many people new to Damascus steel knives approach washing their blades with trepidation. Cleaning your knife is straightforward: rinse it under running water, give it a wipe with a lightly soapy dish sponge, rinse it again and wipe dry.

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