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Luxury Rose Bear

Luxury Rose Bear

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This Rose Bear is the perfect item to express your everlasting love to someone special.  This Luxurious Rose Bear is handmade and crafted with love in mind.  Imagine handing this beautiful rose bear to a loved one in person and seeing the joy in their eyes.  Even when distance is an issue, expressing your eternal love doesn’t have to be an issue.  Sending this Luxury Rose Bear as this token of love, will forever remind them of the love you share.


Product Features:

  • Unique Decorative Piece adding a luxurious touch to any space
  • Each Bear is completely handmade
  • Made to order, so each bear is fresh, smells great and lasts forever
  • Not available for purchase in any store
  • Various Colors Available
  • Size: 15 in / 40cm OR 10in / 25cm
  • Weight: 300g
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