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"Expressions of the Heart" Preserved Rose and Necklace Gift Set - Eternal Love Edition

"Expressions of the Heart" Preserved Rose and Necklace Gift Set - Eternal Love Edition

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  • 🌹 Timeless Preserved Flower Rose 🌹 Unveil the splendor of eternal affection with our "Expressions of the Heart" Preserved Rose. Cultivated from real, natural roses at their peak, this treasure is expertly preserved to capture the essence of beauty for 3-5 years. Our preserved roses require no watering or daily care, making them a symbol of everlasting love. To maintain its pristine condition, keep the rose away from direct sunlight, extreme humidity, and dusty environments.

  • 💎 Necklace with 100 "I Love You" Languages 💎 Nestled within the gift set's small drawer lies a testament to your boundless affection—a necklace that whispers "I love you" in 100 languages. This intricate piece signifies the myriad ways your heart speaks of love, offering an unforgettable surprise that she will cherish.

  • 💖 Romantic Gifts for Her 💖 Convey a sentiment that transcends time with a gift that's perfect for proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and more. This eternal rose symbolizes "beautiful and forever love," ideal for expressing deep emotions to your wife, girlfriend, mother, or any cherished woman in your life.

  • 🌸 Handmade with Genuine Care 🌸 Our fresh-keeping rose is not just any flower; it's a handmade marvel, carefully processed from natural real rose petals to retain their suppleness, freshness, and allure. Free from toxins, this preserved flower is safe and endearing, symbolizing your pure and enduring love.

  • 🎁 Exquisite Gift Set 🎁 Encased in an elegant gift box with the words "Eternal Love," this set includes the preserved rose, the 100 languages necklace, a customizable heart-shaped greeting card, and a chic gift packaging bag. It's an all-in-one romantic gesture to encapsulate your deepest affections.

Care Instructions:

  • Protection: Keep the rose dry and do not water it. Avoid contact with perfume.
  • Placement: Preserve the beauty of the flower by storing and displaying it at room temperature and normal humidity, away from direct sunlight and extreme conditions.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Preserved Flower Rose encased in a clear, protective box.
  • 1 Necklace featuring "I Love You" in 100 languages, placed in a dedicated drawer.
  • 1 Heart-shaped greeting card for your heartfelt message.
  • 1 Elegant gift packaging bag for a stunning presentation.
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